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Sarah ([personal profile] starlitshore) wrote2020-02-11 12:06 pm

You have to become what you fancy.

Hello and welcome to my DW!

This is sort of my back-up LJ. It's also where I'll be posting my Harry/Draco fanfiction. If you're looking for my LJ, I'm starlitshore there, too.

What else? Hm. Here's me in a very small nutshell:

+ My name's Sarah. I'm a girl. 23. Canadian. Lived in England for a while.

+ I'm an English and History teacher. I want to get into publishing.

+ I've been in fandom since ~2000. That's about 10 years. Nothing shocks me anymore. Nothing.

+ I like slash. I ship it avidly.

+ Harry Potter (H/D OTP!) and Supernatural (Gen, J2, Wincest) are my active fandoms. I also watch White Collar, Leverage, and Friday Night Lights. Back in the day I watched Battlestar Galactica, Queer As Folk, and Buffy.

+ I have an unhealthy obsession with Jensen Ackles. I don't think I need to explain.

+ I fangirl Tegan and Sara so hard it's not even funny. See my icons. Then go download their music. All of it.

Yeah, that's pretty much the important stuff.